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Belly Dump Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders take air pressure that is delivered by an air circuit and convert it into applied force and straight line motion. They can be very small, such as the one you see on a screen door. Or they can be extremely large and heavy-duty, such as one which produces several tons of force for use in a steel mill. They have the same basic design as a hydraulic cylinder. However, while a hydraulic cylinder can be designed to work under several operating pressures, pneumatic cylinders must be designed with bigger cross-sectional areas if larger forces are to be used.

Pneumatic cylinders are used in numerous applications. One example is the air cylinder for a bottom (belly) dump trailer that we manufacture (see home page). Because pneumatic cylinders are so versatile in the types of forces and motions they can produce, they are very popular. As more and more manufacturers automate their plants, new and innovative pneumatic cylinders are constantly being designed. They are especially called for by plants that manufacture products in high temperature applications.

Pn general, pneumatic cylinders are classified in three categories: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. They can be designed as single-acting where the air pressure forces the piston to move in one direction only and the piston is returned by gravity or an external spring. Or, they can be designed as double-acting where the air pressure moves the piston in both directions.

Pneumatic cylinders are also classified according to whether they are rotating or static. Rotating pneumatic cylinders are used in applications where the air pressure connections to the cylinder are in a stationary housing while the body is attached to a rotating part. These cylinders are used in grinders, lathes and other spinning machines or machines with rotating spindles.

Static pneumatic cylinders are much more common than rotating ones. A good example is the air cylinder for a bottom (belly) dump trailer that we manufacture.

Custom Cylinders

We are also specialist in custom hydraulic cylinders, conventional and CNC machining to meet each customer's specific needs.

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