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Air Cylinder Installation Tips

These tips are not just for a Falcon Air Cylinder on a bottom (belly) dump trailer, but for all cylinders. Falcon Industries would like you to know these important practices to help to maximize the life of all your cylinders.

Securely fasten air cylinder mountings. If the mountings are not pulled down tightly, or if one section is tightmachine shop while another section is loose, the mounting plate may be so strained that the mountings can snap off.

Use clean piping when connecting the air cylinder to the control valves. Material that comes off a dirty pipe thread will move into the cylinder and damage the internal parts, packings and seals. It may even score the cylinder wall.

The end of the piston rod should be protected to minimize possible damage. Out of the ordinary hits to the piston rod will strain the packing gland and packing materials and their life may be shortened.

Use the recommended lubricants in the right amounts. A lack of lubrication will cause your air cylinder to have less power because of friction. Also, the packings will break down much quicker without lubricants. (Please note that a Falcon Air Cylinder for a bottom (belly) dump trailer will come pre-lubricated.)

Check all cylinders that have been in storage. If you bought cylinders and stored them for a long time before you were ready to use them, take the cylinders apart and check the packings for aging and weathering before installing them. Store air cylinders in cool, dry climates. Also, be sure to protect the rods ends and the mounting faces in storage.

Keep the tension the same on all the tie rods when you replace an air cylinder cover that has tie rods. Even tensioning of the tie rods is required to maintain alignments and eliminate binding due to misalignment.

If you have any questions at all about how to install a Falcon Air Cylinder on your bottom (belly) dump trailer, please be sure to call. It is best to talk to us about installation before you order the product because your questions will help us in making design improvements in the Falcon Air Cylinder for your particular bottom (belly) dump trailer.



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