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"I have an old 97 model Red River belly dump trailer. The cylinders got so they were real herky jerky and sometimes wouldn’t open the gates all the way. I found out that CMI bought out Red River trailer. They told me they did not stock any cylinders for a trailer that old. They would have to get an outside supplier to build replacements and that they would be expensive. I talked to Dave at Falcon Industries and told him I wanted the gates to work like they were supposed to. My cylinders each had a gate stop apparatus that clamped around the body of the cylinder. Dave said he could not put them on the cylinders they manufacture because they have tie bolts, but he had been wanting to build something that fit his cylinders. I said go ahead. He got some measurements and in about a week he called and said they were ready. We replaced the old ones with the new ones and they pinned right up just like they came from the factory. I could not believe how slick they work the gates. I wasn’t really sure about cylinders with composite barrels, but after using them for a little over a year now, I would recommend them and Falcon Industries to anyone." - Mike